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  QB型防爆桥式起重机所有电机、电器防爆性能符合GB3836.2-2000《爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第2部分:隔爆型“d”》、整机性能符合JB/T5897-2006《防爆桥式起重机》标准之规定,经国家指定的防爆产品检验单位检验合格,取得了《防爆合格证》。防爆标志分别为ExdII BT4、Exd II CT4。

  本产品适用于工厂内防爆能力不高于II B或II C级,引燃温度组别不低于T4组的可燃性气体或蒸气与空气形成的爆炸性气体混合物的场所,适用的危险区域为1区或2区(详见GB3836.1-2000)。


  Explosion-proof performances of all motors and electric components of QB explosion-proof crane satisfy standards stipulated by GB3836.2-2000 Explosion-proof Electric Equipment Working in Explosive Gas Envircmment Part2:Flame-proof Type“D”,and the performance of the crane satisfies demands in JB/T5897-1991 Explosion-proof Crane.The crane has obtained Explosion-proof Certificate after passing examinations by units designated by the government to test explosion-proof products.The explosion-proof marks are Exd II BT4 and Exd II CT4 respectively.

  This product is suitable for areas where the explosion。transmission is not higher than II B or II C and the ignition temperature group of inflammable gas or explosive mixture of steam and gas is not lower than T4.Applicable dangerous zones are zone 1 and zone 2(please refer to GB3836.1-2000 fordetails).

  This product is generally controlled on the ground,but control from the driver’s cabin is also allowable.The working grade is intermediate.


  Note:5-10t crane does not have a auxiliary hook.

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